by Heckler

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Rehearsalroom recordings. Demo tape coming soon.


released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Heckler Basel, Switzerland

fast & dirty Hardcore Punk

Unser Name kommt übrigens aus dem Englischen und bedeutet soviel wie Störenfried. Mit Waffenherstellern wollen wir nun wirklich nix zu tun haben.

upcoming Shows:

22.6. @ Kulti, Wetzikon
23.6. @ La Planque, St Imier
15.9. @ Diesel'n'dust festival, Freiburg
29.9.@ On Fire Festival, Berlin
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Track Name: Collateral Damage
city of smoke
ashes of homes
instead of leaves
bombs are falling
sky turns black
earth turns red
hunman beings
they just shred
Track Name: Lifeless
corpses piled up meters high
for profit and respect
cheap industrial products made
who can not connect?
extinction's name is no longer hate
but ignorance and wrath
day by day people die
and everybody knows
lifeless brainless thugs you are
inside your heart still rots
lifeless brainless thugs you are
your kids will hate your guts
Track Name: Nazi Headstomp
human scum
head full of shit
get out
you make me sick
abandoned morals
twisted worldview
no tolerance
for waste like you
nazi watch out time to die
Track Name: Mentally Dead
Try to escape
My restricted mind
Get rid of
This secluded Life

Avoiding people
Wanna be left alone
Don`t like the fact
Only alone i can cope

Mentally Dead