Will it Matter

by Heckler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stay Rad.


released March 22, 2019

Thanks to Eleni for bringing us to Indonesia and making a kickass movie of it, Franziska for coming with us and writing some lyrics and to the Indonesian Punk Scene for bringing us new ideas to write about.




Heckler Basel, Switzerland

fast & dirty Hardcore Punk

Unser Name kommt übrigens aus dem Englischen und bedeutet soviel wie Störenfried. Mit Waffenherstellern haben wir nun wirklich nichts am Hut!

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1.12. @ Sommercasino Basel
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Track Name: Will it Matter?
The lies you tell yourself will never be silent
deep down you know it all and you don't cope

abandon reality
abandon humanity
you were always right
Track Name: Infection
in great danger
hit from the past
no way out
this affliction lasts

no cure no abatement
this time its for real
spreading the sickness
who saw it coming?

we all saw it coming but decided to do shit
Track Name: Get Over It
It's almost been a lifetime since you lost hope
your elitist behaviour a pathetic try to cope
for your fiveteen minutes fame it is long to late
you still sold your soul but you never got paid
Track Name: Forever
Nobody needs to be a cop
nobody needs to do your job
everything that you protect
is part of a world that I reject

and you still think that we can be friends
you still think that there will be a happy end
if you want to be a cop fuck of and die
I'd rather kick you in the face than look you in the eye
Track Name: You Speak
Never reveal what you heard what you saw
never finish your thoughts of it all
never be the one you always wanted to be
there's no place for your past in this world

you speak you die
Track Name: Vicious
hidden behind a cloud of fog
you see
what the fuck's going on
but you can not react

and you stay alone with your thoughts
that are heavy upon you

and even if you wanted you can not accept
the near and close
and it all starts over

this vicious circle you can not break
Track Name: Running
This time it's over
now everything's fucked
no absolution
not from god not from us

Keep Running
you can't run away from yourself
Track Name: Existence
No more profane existence
eternal darkness come true
witness the true end
beneath the black wings of doom

as the sky blackens further
civilisation decays
not one thought of regret
when this perfect moment takes it all to an end

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